In 1752, a person named Orihashi Samon, who lives in Orihashi, Kirishima, discovered a spring source on the riverbank and made a hot spring jar. 

In 1877, the Satsuma army soldiers who were injured in the Satsuma Rebellion 

soaked in this hot water. After that they conveyed its effects, and the name “Orihashi” was widely known.  

In 1879, Gosuke Kukita, a Chinese medicine doctor of the Shimazu clan, received a surplus land of the area. And then Goro Kukita, the eldest son of Gosuke, installed a self-catering facility. This is the origin of Orihashi-Ryokan. ‘’Tetsuto’’ was effective for surgical treatment, and it was widely known to the world about the existence and efficacy of Orihashi Onsen as a medical treatment hot spring “Kizuyu” because Goro was a surgeon. Myoken began to develop as a hot spring resort, and his method gained a reputation as a luxury inn, and from the Taisho era to the early Showa era. It was loved by upper class people and celebrities at that time as the back room of Kagoshima. Orihashi Ryokan has been in business for over 140 years. Beyond the time, we will continue to connect history and strive to be a relaxing inn for customers who will continue to visit. 

Hospitality with food

We will provide the taste of genuine Japanese food which is not a cheap trick, how we combine the ingredients of the sea in Kagoshima and the culture of food with the ones in the mountains and rivers. 

Hospitality at the Japanese style facility

We have a detached room full of the taste with bath in its room and open-air bath flowing constantly from the source which was loved by various celebrities. The detached Buildings along the Amori River is so bright so as to feel that it arrives if I stretch out a hand. On bamboo forest surrounding facilities and a route to climb the mountain behind from there, another world letting you forget that it is near of the sphere of life spreads. The two-story wooden main building which is the center of the Orihashi Ryokan is a wooden building full of romance from the Taisho era that was relocated after overcoming flood damage. 

Hospitality once in a while

Above all, hospitality in a person and people. All the staff, including the landlady, will be with you with a spirit of hospitality so that we hope customers will be able to forget about their daily lives and spend a relaxing time. We are looking forward to welcome you to the historic “Orihashi Ryokan” across the Myoken Ohashi Bridge. 

Hot spring

It is said to be the origin of Myoken Onsen, and many customers drop in and take a break, which is very popular. An open-air bath with a 100% source that heals the tiredness of traveling. It is a men’s and a women’s open-air bath with 100% source water where you can see cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn. We recommend the “Scratch hot spring (33 ° C)” which is self-spraying only in the hotel among the Myoken hot springs. 

Basic charge

Stay A Detached building  (1 night, 2 meals, tax included)  
27,500-49,500 yen per person

*Prices vary depending on the type of distance.
*A separate bath tax of 150 yen per person is required.
*A surcharge is required on Saturdays and all holidays.
*A separate room charge is required for staying alone.
*Adult rates are for junior high school students and above.

Accommodation at Annex / Sansuisou (1 night without meals) 
5,500-6,500 yen per person 

*The basic charge is for weekdays, Sundays, and holidays. On Saturdays and the day before public holidays, the price will increase by JPY 5,500 for Camphor tree, JPY 4,400 for bamboo grove, and JPY 3,300 for other rooms. 
*A separate room charge is required for single use.
*Children’s fees are as follows. 
・Adult fee for junior high school students
・70% of adult fee for 4th to 6th grade in elementary school 
・50% of adult fee for 4 years old to 3rd grade in elementary school
・Free for children under 4 years old. If you make a reservation for a bed-sharing bed, you will be charged JPY 3,300.

Transportation information 

2233 Shimonakatsugawa, Makizonocho, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 
TEL. 0995-77-2104 / FAX. 0995-77-2065

Access from Kagoshima Airport

Myoken route bus 

Get off at “Myoken Onsen” bound for “Hayato Station via Myoken Onsen”, about 2 minutes

Shuttle taxi

It is a contract taxi between our inn and Kagoshima Airport / JR Hayato Station / JR Kokubu Station by reservation. 
Small: 2,600 yen, Medium: 3,800 yen, Jumbo taxi (up to 9 people): 4000 yen
Detours, stopovers, etc. will be metered. 

Access from JR Hayato Station

Myoken route bus 

Get off at “Myoken Onsen” bound for “Kagoshima Airport via Myoken Onsen”, about 2 minutes

Shuttle taxi

It is a contract taxi between our inn and Kagoshima Airport / JR Hayato Station / JR Kokubu Station by reservation.
Small: 2,600 yen, Medium: 3,800 yen, Jumbo taxi (up to 9 people): 4000 yen 
Detours, stopovers, etc. will be metered.

Access by highway

Nearest interchange

Exit the “Kagoshima Airport Interchange” and go along National Routes 504 to 223. (About 15 minutes)
Please exit the “Yokogawa Interchange” and go along Prefectural Road 50. (About 25 minutes)